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BTR is now accepting deposits on year 2004 kids.
Breeding stock and market wether Boers, Myotonics, and TMG's™  are available.
Shown below are some examples of 2003-2004 kids born here at Bending Tree Ranch.


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Fullblood Myotonic doeling
out of
BTR Lancelot x OCR Isabelle

ace.jpg (65197 bytes)
 BTR Ace
Fullblood TexMaster™ buckling
alexalexan.jpg (88480 bytes)
Alexander & Alexandra
Fullblood Myotonics

annabelle.jpg (80058 bytes)
BTR Annabelle
Fullblood Boer doe
blazekids.jpg (77768 bytes)
Diamond Jim & Little Bit
Boer/Myo cross
daisytwins.jpg (57521 bytes)
Fullblood Myotonic kids
fallon.jpg (75814 bytes)
BTR Fallon
Fullblood TexMaster™
medicincemansold.jpg (87580 bytes)
BTR Medicine Man
Fullblood Myotonic buckling
naraxlancelot.jpg (96076 bytes)
Nicholas & Nina
Fullblood Myotonic kids

spartlacybuck.jpg (56341 bytes)
day old Fullblood Boer
buckling out of 
5BT7 BTR Spartucus x DAW Lacy
spartlacykids.jpg (58044 bytes)
 Fullblood Boer kids out of
5BT7 BTR Spartucus x DAW Lacy
robertakids.jpg (74013 bytes)
 2 of 3 one day old
Fullblood TexMaster™
melissa.jpg (102956 bytes)
Fullblood Myotonic doeling
pixiedust.jpg (66389 bytes)
Pixie Dust day old 
Fullblood Myotonic doeling
pippi.jpg (65957 bytes)
Pippi Longstocking
day old 
Fullblood Myotonic doeling
namath6mos.jpg (92518 bytes)
BTR Namath 6 mos
Fullblood Myotonic buck
mardigras.jpg (73748 bytes)
BTR Mardi Gras, 
Fullblood Myotonic doeling
BTR Isaac x BTR Meredith
murphy.jpg (77749 bytes)
BTR Murphy
50/50 Boer/TMG

  candyjulian.jpg (103346 bytes)
Fullblood Myotonic doeling
out of OCR Julian x OCR Candy


Come on in and visit a while and check out some of our breeding stock and kids. Visits in person to BTR are welcome too. Just drop us a line or give us a phone call to set up a convenient time.
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Bending Tree Ranch
Damascus, AR
Phone: 501-679-4936
Member American Boer Goat Asso., Arkansas Meat Goat Asso.
Fullblood Boers, Myotonics, TMG's and percentages