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Welcome to our Boer Page
We, at Bending Tree Ranch are excited to share with you some of the wonderful bucks we've had the privilege of using in our breeding program for our 2006/2007 kids .

5BT7 BTR Spartucus
 XS 797 "Star Warrior" x 5B M115 Trouble w/Mary

click here to see his pedigree......

5BT7 BTR Spartucus, 24 & 30 mos
owned and bred by Pat & Clark Cotten
2005-2006 offspring  available


photo coming soon
AGBG Gateridge Vindacator
Solid Red Boer Buck
2006 offspring available

Show wether prospects are here.........Reserve yours today !!!!!  See "Sale Page" for prospects........

Let's Meet Some of Our Doe's.........
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12 mos

5BT7 BTR Topline's Narnia 
BEH Topline's Tommy x TBR N21 Nosey Nanci
fullblood  doe

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BTR Sumo Chip's Trouble Too
18 mos
BEH N6 Sumo Chip x 5B M115 Trouble w/Mary
Fullblood  doe

click for pedigree

BTR Trouble in Paradsie
5BT7 BTR Spartucus
BTR Sumo Chip's Trouble Too
Fullblood Doe

For Sale

ABF N71 Cookie, 6 mos
ABF M27 "Meatloaf" x ABF K58
Fullblood doe
click for pedigree

DAW Dixie, 15 mos
DAW Lucas McCain x Dixie
percentage doe

sugarbear.jpg (71861 bytes)
JFH Sugar, 2.5 yrs
DOW Tor Rowdy x TOR Nome
Fullblood doe

pleasure.jpg (77272 bytes)
BTR Lady's Pleasure, 4 mos
5BT7 BTR Sumo Chip's Nick in Time
5B M115 Trouble w/Mary
Fullblood  doe
2006 doeling out of 
5BT7 Spartucus

  labarroness.jpg (56301 bytes)
5BT7 LaBarroness

DAW Glipsie's Texas Lizbeth


We register all our Boer breeding stock with the American Boer Goat Assn.


Come on in and visit a while and check out some of our breeding stock and kids. Visits in person to BTR are welcome too. Just drop us a line or give us a phone call to set up a convenient time.

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Bending Tree Ranch
Damascus, AR
Phone: 501-679-4936