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2007 born sisters from a set of triplet doelings
75% Boer 25% Nubian
Sire: AGBG Vindacator
sire pedigree

these does would be an asset to your "market wether" breeding program

 2007 % Boer does sired by solid red Boer buck
H-Peaceful Pastures Boaz

2007 does......... kidded in 2008 and excellent mothers 
red yearling doe above slicked off and nursing 

Breeding packages available..................


5BT7 BTR Saxon, ABGA registered
Saxon is a big, growthy buck
who has never had a drop of show feed in 
his short life. Never pampered, or heavily fed
he just has the good genetics for fast growth.
I really hate the thought of selling him but I
am cutting back on my Boer herd and have so 
many of his sisters that I've retained over the past 
several years that I can keep this influence in my
herd for many years to come. He needs to be 
out improving someone else's herd.
Born 2-22-06

Sire pedigree
Dam pedigree

5BT7 BTR Like a Rock, ABGA registered
Rockie is a very gentle, easy to handle buck. 
His lineage is known for producing winning
show wethers. Great body length, super straight top-line
and good muscling. This buck can produce your next winning
show wether.
DOB 1-25-07
Sire pedigree
Dam pedigree

H-Peaceful Acres Boaz 
Boaz is another gentle Boer buck. He is from a long line
of deep reds and throws his color as well as great 
bone and body length. We've been fortunate to use
both Boaz and one of his sons these past 2 breeding
DOB 10-20-04

Come on in and visit a while and check out some of our breeding stock and kids. Visits in person to BTR are welcome too. Just drop us a line or give us a phone call to set up a convenient time.

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