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Spanish Goats

We rather stumbled into raising Spanish goats when
helping with a Spanish herd dispersal for a friend that had died suddenly. We bought a young buck and a doe that turned out to be bred to one of their adult
Spanish bucks. The doe kidded with twins......a buck
and a doe. We kept the doeling and sold the 
buck. Thus began our adventure with the Spanish breed.

We've not found them to be any hardier than our TexMasters, or Myotonics. 
The crosses sired by Carlos grow really well. Carmelita isn't the hardiest of my does. This may be due to her age. I suspect she is pushing double digits. 

I didn't give Carlos any does for  2007 kidding. Building this page has made me regret that. He was used heavily last year and we were very pleased with his offspring. I now have 8 of his daughters in my herd and am looking forward to
getting kids out of them. My first Carlos grandkids are due in June 2007
out of a Boer/Myo doe bred to a TMG™ quality Myotonic buck.
They ought to be dandies.
*She is*


Carlos, our original buckling has grown
into an exceptional 3 yr old. SOLD
Carmelita, our original adult doe     Carmela, daughter of Carmelita
       age unknown                                sire Spanish buck (not Carlos)


Aggie, a Spanish/Boer cross that looks more Spanish
than Boer with her Carlos sired son and her daughter in the next photo

Examples of Spanish cross offspring

BTR Lucy                       doe-SOLD
(above) Spanish/Myotonic cross yearling does
50% Boer/Spanish doelings SOLD                              Spanish/Myotonic buckling SOLD

Spanish/Boer/Myotonic doeling  SOLD                           Spanish/Boer buckling SOLD

Introducing JULIO ..........

Carlos over a Boer/Myotonic doe.

I grew from this................................. to THIS!!!! age 2yrs
Sorry he is SOLD

2008 additions

Valentino  SOLD                               Fabio SOLD
twin bucklings out of Carlos x Carmela
born 2-14-08

doe and buckling out of the 50/50 Spanish/Myo doe(below)SOLD




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