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Breeding, Commercial, or Show Boers, Myotonics, and TMG's™  are available.
Bending Tree Ranch is proud to present the following "Top Quality" stock for sale!
See "Kid" page for kid's available for purchasing

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#2286 OCR Sven
fullblood TexMaster™
(naturally polled)
dob 5-19-03
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BTR Ivan, 14 mos
fullblood Myotonic buckling
OCR Carleton x OCR Isabelle
OCR Ninette, 14 mos
fullblood Myotonic doeling 
OCR Ethan x OCR Nana
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Please see KIDS page for more available animals  
OCR Deva, 23 mos
Fullblood Myotonic
OCR Stefan X OCR Dinah

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BTR Ishmael
Fullblood Myotonic Buck
DOB 4-2-03
OCR Carleton x OCR Isabelle

OCR Bush, 
Fullblood Myotonic Buck
DOB 4-2-02
OCR Lost Louie x OCR Bridgett

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BTR Isaiah
Fullblood Myotonic buck
DOB 12-24-01
OCR Malachi x OCR Isabelle
OCR Julian
Fullblood Myotonic Buck
DOB 5-4-02
BTR Julius x OCR Danielle
photo at 20 mos
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Come on in and visit a while and check out some of our breeding stock and kids. Visits in person to BTR are welcome too. Just drop us a line or give us a phone call to set up a convenient time.
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Bending Tree Ranch
Damascus, AR
Phone: 501-679-4936
Member American Boer Goat Asso., Arkansas Meat Goat Asso.
Fullblood Boers, Myotonics, Tennessee Meat Goat's™
TexMaster's™ and percentages