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Welcome to our Custom Goat Art workshop. We have a nice selection of art to choose from. These prints are all produced on acid free paper, available either as a "print only" or "matted print". Custom orders are welcome. Turn around time depends on how many orders are ahead of yours. Prints should go out within 2-3 business days. We try to get custom work out within 7-14 days. For custom orders we will need a clear, detailed photo of your goat. We specialize in the MEAT breeds of goats as there is such a shortage of art work featuring the Boer, Myotonic, TexMaster™, Spanish, Kiko and percentages. Dairy breed custom orders are also welcome. 

Orders for show awards, etc are welcome. These make WONDERFUL gifts and awards.

All prints are on 9x11 acid free paper. Matted prints fit within a 11x14 frame.

Prints are $10 each *free shipping
Matted prints  $15 each
*free shipping
Custom drawings $35 one animal full body
*free shipping
Head drawings $20* free shipping

 (multiple animals in drawings will be more)
Contact us for custom orders and pricing
Notecards printed professionally on linen cardstock
$1.50 each
*shipping extra
Comes with mailing envelope
purchase 4 or more cards and free shipping may apply
e-mail for details

These hand painted dinner size plates are $20.00 each, plus, shipping.

Plate 1                                           Plate 2-sold

Plate 3

Pencil drawing prints available below:

Ace1.jpg (30093 bytes)


Bunnydoe1.jpg (16778 bytes)

"Bunny girl"
*notecards also available*

Kavenaugh1.jpg (26878 bytes)


Mikey1.jpg (21796 bytes)

                   " Mikey"

vindacator1.jpg (24038 bytes)
Fullblood Red Boer buck

"Nick in Time"
Fullblood Boer buck
*notecards also available*


"Fullblood Boer doe"
*notecards also available*

Boer kid
*notecards also available*

"Boer Kid"

Boer buckling

Percentage Boer doeling

Percentage Boer doe
halfface1.jpg (97969 bytes)

Percentage Boer doe

Percentage Boer doe

*notecards also available*

Spanish doe
*notecards also available*

"Blue Belle"
Myotonic doeling

"Carmelita doe"
Spanish/Boer doeling

Yearling Myotonic buck
*notecards available*

"Blue Boy"
Myotonic kid

Myotonic doelings
*notecards available* 


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