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Goat Stats:

Temperature, rectal 101.5 - 103.5 F

Heart rate 60 90 beats per minute

Respiration 10 30 breaths per minute (adults)
                      20-40 breaths per minute (kids)

Rumen movements 1 2 per minute

Puberty 4 10 months

Estrous cycle is 21 days, with a range 
of 18-22 days

Estrus (standing heat) 24 72 hours

Gestation 150 days, with a range of

147-155 days

Pugh, D.G., Sheep & Goat Medicine  
Mary C Smith DVM w/David M Sherman DVM, Goat Medicine

Did you know that the goats rumen is located on it's left side?

If you are wanting to see
 if a baby is kicking place
your hand on the lower belly
 on the

goats RIGHT side.

left sideright side
rumen                              babies

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When checking your goats for anemia always pull down their lower eyelid to check for color.

Eye membranes should be dark pink to red. NEVER use gums as an indicator.

Collection of articles first published in Meat Goat Mania